Ensuring RPA flows are correct

Hi - I’m new to UiPath and RPA, but it’s an interesting way to build software.

I’ve been involved in the craft of software for many years at this point. And one of the tough parts of the job is making sure that the software you write is both correct and maintainable. In more traditional software development environments, things like code reviews and automated test suites (ideally done in a TDD fashion) may not solve the problem, but they boost confidence in the the correctness and maintainability of your code.

I’m curious if there is much support, culture, or best practice literature I can review on how to encourage this for UiPath in particular and RPA apps in general. Are you folks doing these kinds of standard engineering practices?

Thanks in advance.

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Well it can managed from the DESIGN Face of RPA Inplemenation,
That is while designing the bot we can do that in a framework structure that will first ensure that we are making a code with standards and for that We have a exclusive framework to handle any kind of business process and this would basically answers this question

For more details

And here you go this would help you more in detail

Cheers @mikedoel