RPA feasibility Analysis

what is RPA Feasibility Analysis and how we can perform it?.

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This document from uipath gives us a idea on it

Or if we need any other feasibility related queries kindly let us know
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I would like to know, when we will know that the application is ready for RPA?. what are the factors to know before starting on RPA design?.

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That’s a good question
—see usually we need to consider these stuffs before starting a RPA automations
—how the input is going to be obtained
—how that input is going to be used in the application or instance where we are going to automate
—is that instance can be accessed with elements in it or it’s going to be a image automation
—and most important is whether the process is a streamlined linear though it has decision whether it is possible or not is most important point that we need to discuss before automating and that’s what is automation indeed isn’t it
So the process is very important like whether it can automated or not
—and finally how the process is going to be delivered as a outcome to the client whether just the process gets completed or given with some report as output and if so we need to discuss how that report should be and how that is to be delivered

—and this follows the Maintenance as a default

That’s all you are done
For more details we got some non technical training in uipath academy like
—business analyst
—solution architect

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