Feasibility checking

Hi all,

I need some information to check the feasibility in the requirement gathering stage.
Means how can we decide whether the given task to be automated or not

You can refer to this article that details the factors in choosing processes to automate.

In simple words, a few checks that you can make do:
-Check if it has a standard logic. Events of the task can’t be random always. There should be a pattern.
-Also, the process shouldn’t be a one time task like extracting some website data just for once, where developing automation takes more time than manual extraction.
-Decisions need to be facts driven for the task to be automated and not experience driven. For example, if a code of a shipment corresponds to a particular country, there needs to be a mapping table with a set of codes or a rule that makes a code correspond to a country. It shouldn’t be based on a person’s experience that he identifies this.