When shoud I start considering using Studio Instead of Studio X or even hiring somebody?

Hello, my name is Ibra I’m the COO of a startup company.
I’m learning about RPA, I know how to do basic stuff with Studio X but I don’t know where the limits are. At the moment, I’m using RPA to automate some tasks in Photoshop and the registration process in some websites with Google Chrome. I know I will need to hire somebody in the future because I’m not a developer. But my question is, How can I know if it’s better to use task mining, process mining or just task capture for an specific task? How can I know what tasks I can automate by myself and when should I ask for help?

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RPA is not only the tool, but it also includes all the methodology of whcich process are best suited for automation and which are not.

Please have a look at this UiPath Academy Cours: RPA Business Analyst Fundamentals.
Process mapping it is discussed there

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Thanks! I will definitely take a look!

Hy @ibra1,

Glad I could help you! You can also find plenty of material about this in the UiPath website and Youtube channel. There is a website called UiPath Insider, where you can see the new features beeing added to the tool.

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