RPA Developer production ready

Hello, could someone tell me whether the information provides in level 1 foundation training and RPA Developer production ready training are the same? If I did one of them do I need to do the other? thank you!

Please complete in the following order. You must complete both foundation and advanced before proceeding to the developer certification.

Developer Foundation
Advanced Diploma
and then
Developer Certification

Karthik Byggari

Hello Karthik,

Sorry if I was not clear, I did not mention the developer certification, there is a training called RPA Developer Production Ready, when I looked at the curriculum it seemed like it has the same content as Level 1 foundation training, my question is whether it has differences and should we take both of them or one of them will suffice between the both of them

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RPA Developer - Production Ready Essentials Is a new course added to academy
Yah it’s more like the level 1 but it doesn’t have any practice sessions while we have practice sessions in. Level 1
So it’s advisable to have a look on both for wider insights

Cheers @Rasoul