Is the UiPath academy able to enable future Automation Engineers to learn RPA?

Hello guys,

I’m coming towards you with a question as for me some aspects regarding the academy are not clear yet. I’m going to be an Automation Engineer with Java, Intellij, SQL and so on. My question is, does the UiPath academy enable future Automation Engineers to learn RPA, are there any designated courses strictly to that or the course are only for Developers, Business Analysts and so on? I would desire to focus on the Automation side and not become a developer. What I found on the platform didn’t offer me a clear picture in order to be able to have answers for the above question. Thank you!

Hi @Rischitor_Ovidiu,
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I would say that from the Academy you learn a part of everything. Of course most of trainings (at least those technical) are more oriented towards RPA developers. But in my opinion as an Automation Engineer you need to have developer skills to understand the underlying layer of RPA automation. For me it sounds like you would like to learn how cars are working without having driving experience. It’s possible but hard.