Automation Concept and Techniques


I recently tested and scored low on this category.

  • UiPath Automation Concepts and Techniques.

I am confused on what would be the required learning for this or helpful areas so I can improve on this concep.

Please Help.

Hi @arturo.ayala

You can refer the UI Automation with Studio course inUiPath RPA Associate Certification Training in UiPath Academy.

Practice all the module excercise given in that.

You can refer YouTube videos of Rakesh Kumar Behara to get in depth knowledge in UI Automation.

Hope it helps!!


Hi @arturo.ayala

Check on below document for topics

UiPath Certified RPA Associate v1.0 - EXAM Description.pdf (232.7 KB)

Hi @arturo.ayala

Improving your proficiency in UiPath Automation Concepts and Techniques involves gaining a deeper understanding of UiPath’s capabilities and best practices for designing, building, and maintaining automation solutions. Here are some areas to focus on for learning and improvement:

  1. UiPath Academy Courses:
  • Start with the official UiPath Academy courses. They offer a structured learning path, including beginner to advanced courses on various aspects of automation. These courses cover topics like RPA fundamentals, Orchestrator, and advanced development techniques.
  1. RPA Fundamentals:
  • Ensure you have a strong foundation in RPA concepts and principles. Understand how RPA works, the benefits it offers, and its use cases across different industries.

Remember that improving in this category may take time and practice. Continuous learning and staying updated with UiPath’s latest features and best practices will help you become a proficient UiPath developer.