RPA Developer - Foundation Training lessons locked now


As of this morning, I could see all the courses I had completed, which was up to Project Organization. I have purposefully not taken the final test because I value access to the videos more than the certification.

Something happened and now all my courses are locked. I do not want to start from the entire course over to get to the videos.

Could an Admin help me out?


Recap sections have been added to each Lesson - rest is kept intact (check the index for sections marked with yellow).
When you complete the part with the recap (download), it will move to the next one and so on.

PS. You don’t lose access to the course materials after completion.


Well it did lock. I tried a test this morning (for the Project Organization). Didn’t pass (first attempt, no surprise).
I came back this afternoon and suddenly every lesson is locked except lesson 1.

Something happened.


I had a similar issue. I completed the training last week, but today suddenly everything was locked again.

I had to go into every lesson and download the recap file to access everything again.


Got it. So a change was pushed to their production server for the web application and now everyone has to go through this.



The reason you face this situation is that, as @andrzej.kniola mentioned we recently (yesterday) added a new material for each lesson, a Recap PDF. In order to continue where you left off you need to download the PDF from each session. In order to download this you have to open the course, hover over the ‘Play’ icon on the left pane and click on each lesson, the material which is called Recap. After you download those you will be able to continue your course. I am attaching here a screenshot to offer more insight on this.

Let us know if you need any help with the above,


Thanks Roxana, I got it to work.
Have you all ever thought about bringing the videos out to the front of the application for easier access?



Thanks for the suggestion! The course structure will remain sequential (passing through each material is a requirement to unlock next chapter) for the moment. However, if you only want to see the videos, they are available on our Youtube channel as well.