""RPA Developer Advanced Certification" Name Change Possible?

The Certification description in the Academy is named: “RPA Developer Advanced Certification”. However, after completing the Certification Exam, the Certificate I received is generically worded: “RPA Developer Certificate”.

Could you change the actual certificate wording to match the Academy description? “RPA Developer Certificate” sound too generic, and doesn’t indicate an ‘advanced’ understanding of the material.


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Is this possible to do ? It would help distinguish the certification

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Does anyone have an answer?

I agree. The certificate sounds too generic. Is there any update on this. Has anyone got an updated certificate? I completed the Certification Exam yesterday and it still mentions “RPA Developer Certificate”.

Please make a request to the Academy team on the link shared above.

Thanks for the help. Just did it.

Hi @paulab, @maneesh.garg, Has the support team already updated your certification?

I contacted support team, a few days later they closed the support ticket but I didn’t receive any news

Hello, No, they never updated the certification. I haven’t asked again.