RPA challenge problem


Hi, i am trying to automate below website


and simulte to Regular icon.

now it has fields and below kind of elements and it is dynamic after every click


And it has input file in csv format which takes input from csv and put it in above webapp

how achieve it using Re-Framework


If your problem is about the selectors, maybe can use the label of each field that is stable.


my problem is how do i read this kind of csv and put the details into webfields

Hi, Rakesh

Read CSV file use READ CSV Activity and choose the right Delimiter in options:

For Fields, use Anchor in Label to make a connect between input and field

now how to handle below.
used below activity, but problem is not able to indicate this element where to click on check box


As per the image it is the check box

You could use check activity to click on the that ckeck box

use if activity and check the contractor value is yes then use check activity inside then block

so you mean to say i should not use find image and type into activity right?
if not then, how it will take the data from input file.
first i should use what if activity and how do i pass the value, do i need to create the variable for that “contractor”?

see, i have used this activity and store it in output variable ,now my data is coming from in_Transaction item, now what expression should i use to check the value and also to click on check box?

pls check the above code whether it is correct or not?

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Use find element activity inside if and try

i am trying to check whether it is working or not but then getting below error every time.

Error ERROR Validation Error Internal constraint exception while running constraint with name ‘Constraint’ against activity of type System.Activities.Statements.Sequence with name ‘Sequence’. Exception was: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at System.Activities.WorkflowApplication.Invoke(Activity activity, IDictionary2 inputs, WorkflowInstanceExtensionManager extensions, TimeSpan timeout) at System.Activities.WorkflowInvoker.Invoke(Activity workflow, IDictionary2 inputs)
at System.Activities.Validation.ActivityValidationServices.RunConstraints(ChildActivity childActivity, ActivityCallStack parentChain, IList1 constraints, ProcessActivityTreeOptions options, Boolean suppressGetChildrenViolations, IList1& validationErrors) Framework/Process.xaml

not sure about it, also it gives me a validation warning that variable which i used to store the output variable to read csv file is not used.

Indicate the element and use modern check activity.

System exception at initialization: The CSV file format for C:\Users\asus\OneDrive\Documents\UiPath\RPA_Challenge\Data.csv is invalid. Line 2 contains more values than the header line. at Source: UiPath.Excel.Activities

how do i fix it

Which activity throw this error?

that is fixed, but is this error
Error getting transaction data for Transaction Number: 1. Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Source: If a new transaction item is retrieved, get additional information about it

This error mean there is no data in the variable or transaction item.check the transaction data has value

i changed the transaction number to 0. as i am using excel file as input, but still got this error. do i need to map this anywhere else because everything looks good, how to fix this

Hi @sangeethaneelavannan1 ,

this activity is not executing and getting below error.

i have there is data in Datatable.
System exception.Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Source: Type Into ‘INPUT Control 1’

Use intransactionitem.specificcontent(“Full name”). tostring