Download file from web after select them from a check box

I should download file that appears in a web page after selected all in the box check.
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Than, I have to click in button “download” and than in the field “XML (selezionati)”
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How can I automate this task?



For check mark you can use Check activity or Click activity also

For download use click activity

But how you will know which files you need to check and download?


Because before in the sequence, i selected date receipts from a date form as you can see on the top of the following print screen

But If I want set the control check in the column “Data Ricezione” (Invoice data reception), how can i do?

TKS @Srini84


What you need to do with that date?

You can use Get Text activity to extract the date and time, but what control you are saying?


The date of field “Data ricezione” must be equal to today date.

I use this sequences but I have to do the task for all check box and not for only one

How can i select all box check?


Okay, then use Get Text activity and declare a variable for that

Now you convert the date to datetime and check if the date is equal, from the below post

Using IF condition you can place the check activity

check the selector by opening the UIExplorer for looping multiple rows

Hope this will help you


This is the print screen of UI Explorer of the activity “Check/Uncheck box”

How can set the selector in order to make a loop for multiple row?
Sorry, I hope to solve this problem asap (it’s work task)


As you see the TableRow it is showing 4 and table col as 1 that will indicates the correct dynamic selector

Declare a Int32 variable and use a while loop so pass the Int32 variable to the selector and in the while loop you have to increment the variable, every increment it will identify the next row

Hope this will help you


okay, I set a while loop in which I put the check/uncheck box and i set a Int32 variable but I don’t understand how can i pass the Int32 variable to the selector…
Could you help me?

I’m attaching the workflow of this sequence “flag all check box”. @Srini84 can you check the sequence please?

Sequence_Checkbox.xaml (7.9 KB)

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