Rpa challenge invoice extraction reframework uipath

I have already done the rpa challenge invoice extraction using flowchart but i have to convert that project into reframework with the use of orchestrator queues as i have done some projects in reframework but this project looks complicated and confusing,can any body help me to resolve this problem,i am confuse about the states.I will attached below my project as i have done it in flowchart
invoiceextractionrpachallenge.zip (11.6 KB)

Hi @alan_prakash

Please have a look,


I have already done that but i have to convert this into reframework using orchestrator queues

Please have a look,


I am confused about the states,there some conditions there in which state the condition is given ihave done exactly the same workflow as u have mentioned in the above video

Can sombody help to resolve this please i am stuck with this one