RPA certification study guides

I will be taking the RPA advance certifications. Anyone can give some study guides and resources that would be helpful ? like about reframework . Help would be appreaciated guys Thanks.


I suggest to refer below docs for understanding

also academy will be good for new learners

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Here’s a free UiPath Certification Study Guide that helps you cover all of the important topics you need to know in order to pass the exam, along with links to YouTube UiPath tutorials to help you learn.

When you’re done with the UiPath Study Guide, jump into the UiPath Exam questions and answers for some mock tests to see if you’re ready to sit the Associate exam.

And one last piece of advice? Make sure you know the Exam Objectives well. This is what they’re testing you on. If you’re fuzzy on anything, buckle down on that topic. One question right or wrong can be the difference between a pass or a fail.

Do RPA advanced exam has similar pattern (multiple choice, drag and drop simulation) questions like RPA associate ? Please let us know.
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