Round up two digits after dot in Excel

I have one Excel file containing only two columns. Document No and Amount.
I need to round up the Amount column to have two digits after the dot for all documents.

For example document 1 is OK, because the amount is 707.36
For document 5 is NOT OK, because the amount is 2550.7 it must be 2550.70

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Veselin_Ganchev,


Omkar P


Check below screen

Format Value settings (The Variable should be Generic Type)


Hope this helps you


@Reddy_Paluri @Srini84
the problem is that the value is string type.


You can create a tmp variable with Generic Type and assign that value to Format, later you can change it to string by variable.ToString

Hope this helps


I believe there is no easier way. Your proposal help me to make the solution.
I’m using one generic value and number format. Thank you!

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