Role assignment model for UiPath orchestrator folder

Hi. When I’m trying to create a folder in UiPath orchestrator, I see two options under “Role assignment model”

  1. Custom roles
  2. Inherit from tenant

What’s meant by role assignment model? Which option is best between these two and why?

Hi @Surya_Narayana_Korivipadu,

Think of your modern folder as a root to one of your tennants. To this root folder or location some users have access. These users got this permission from the tennant level. For example, an admin.

Now lets say, you add a modern folder within the root location. That new folder can either replicate the same users who have access to the tennant root location or make custom roles and limit certain users from gaining access (custom rules).

The two options you see is asking you to confirm if you want every user with root location have access to a new folder or will you define custom roles to the users yourself.

This is to maintain some order within the development team and the robots themselves. If I am not going to work in a project, I do not need to have access to every folder nor does a robot. An admin on the other hand needs access to all folders.

I guess UiPath calls it “Role assignment model”. In my opinion its just classic access control.


Once again thank you for clarifying my doubt

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