Automation runs much slower on Robot compared to Studio

Hello, I have a simple automation: robot opens URL on Edge, then reads a bunch of data via multiple Get Text activities and then navigates to another URL. On average one URL takes about 2 seconds. But when I publish process and try to run it on Robot, rather than on Studio, it takes very long time. On average one URL takes about 25 seconds to read. Previously automation was on Internet Explorer and Robot worked fast as Studio. But when I changed selectors to msedge, it runs smoothly on Studio, but slow on Robot. What might be the cause and please suggest a solution!

Hello @NotFranmax

You can try using simulate click and type wherever applicable to make the process faster. Also, are you facing delays in some particular activity or the entire process is executing slowly?


I always use simulate. The only slow action I have noticed: get texts. On IE it worked instantly and now it is almost stuck. Very strange behavior. BTW other IE transformed to Edge processes run fast.