Robot Utilisation statistics

I’m trying to work out the % utilisation of our unattended robot licenses. This is partly to forecast when we may need to add additional licenses to the estate and also how effective we are with our existing robots. I can get certain data from the orchestrator database but a number of processes that have hung are distorting the figures. Is there any functionality or query within Insights that can help.

Hi @chrisspring,

I wrote before a query for orchestrator database.

The query gives the weekly utilization of the robots. The output column is for example 30. This means %30 unattended robots utilization for 7/24.(Past 7 days from now.) If you need this for specific unattended robot, i will send it too.

Kindly check it. If you got any problem, i will help you.

– Robot Utilization
SELECT (SUM(100 * jsd.SecondDiff) / ((SELECT DISTINCT COUNT (*) Robot_Count
FROM Robots r
Where Type=‘2’ and r.IsDeleted = ‘0’) * 604800)) Robot_Utilization
FROM(SELECT j.ReleaseId, j.RuntimeType, j.StartTime, j.EndTime, DATEDIFF(MINUTE, j.StartTime , j.EndTime) AS MinuteDiff,
DATEDIFF(SECOND, j.StartTime , j.EndTime) AS SecondDiff
FROM Jobs j, Releases re
WHERE j.ReleaseId = re.Id


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Hi, We would need to get the bot utilization report for unattended robot license for last 3 months , Kindly help us how we can get through on-premises orchestrator. Do we need to go with the database query?
Thanks in advance