Insights dashboard which shows available unattended production licenses

Hi Community,

We are looking for a Insights dashboard which shows usage of the PROD unattended licenses and available production unattended licenses at any given point of time based on the existing automation schedules in our environment.

Please assist on this.

Hi Ramesh,

What version of Insights are you using? Just as a reminder, Insights is historical and ingests data when a process/queue item reaches a final state. So, if a robot does not complete a job/queueitem, we will not ingest information for that specific robot. Therefore, we cant support obtaining information on when a process is scheduled in Orchestrator because we do not ingest that data as captured in our data model documentation. We also cant show full utilization because we do not ingest information from a robot when it is available and not running a job because of how the Insights ingestion works.

We could create a visualization to show us when a robot started and finished working on a process, and from this visualization, and a filter to that dashboard showing the robot name. Then, we could see which robots are being used at specific times.