Robot unable to read PDF Text

Hi Guys,
I have problem about unable to Read PDF Text by Robot.
Both are readable PDF and I checked by myself that it can be read correctly.
However, Robot is cannot read Text in specific area.
I attached photo here for the reading result of both file by Robot.
(Sorry I cannot attached PDF file because of confidential data)
Can you pleaes give me advise what is the reason and how should I make Robot to be able to read both file correctly.

Thanks a lot.

Try to use read pdf text with OCR activity


you will use the “read pdf text” and save the output in text file.

@Gokion It looks like you are applying regular expressions. Before you do that write the extracted data to text file . This helps you to identify what is the data that got extracted and what not.

Hi, guys.

I’ve found the root cause. It was because of my PDF which might be encoded in weird language.
So, the robot is unable to read it.
I change method of users to save the PDF. It works well.

Thanks for all your kindness and advise.

Can you explain the way saving file changes in pdf reading cause i am facing the same issue.