"Read PDF Text" fails when run from Robot Tray, but not in Studio


I have a process that reads a PDF file as text (via Read PDF Text activity), and it’s been working great for all PDFs I’ve thrown at it when running from UIPath Studio.

Once we deployed the process as an attended robot, and agents started using it (by invoking from the task tray)… attempting to read SOME PDFs is causing the robot tray to throw an unhandled exception: unexpected process termination


Upon closer inspection, I can also reproduce this failure if I trigger the process from MY robot tray on the same computer where I’m running UIPath Studio.

However… that same process will NOT throw the error when run with UIPath Studio.

I’m stumped on this one. There are no application errors in the Event Viewer, etc.

Any thoughts?

For anyone who might encounter this in the future. We figured it out. We had turned up the robot tray’s log level setting higher for a completely different problem. Turns out… when trying to read the long PDF… there was some kind of logging buffer overrun that caused the robot to tip over.

Turn your log level back to “info” :slight_smile:


Hi Bryan,

Did you try to output the large pdf using Message Box or Write Line?

No definitely not. The robot uses Read PDF Text, stores that “output” in a variable, then writes the contents of that variable to a text file.

Thank you for the clarification. We’ll investigate the logging level implication on this.