Robot stuck

Hello Everyone,

I have noticed a bug that is happening sometimes where the robot gets stuck as if you have pressed “Windows Button + Tab Button” so it gets stuck there forever, Ofcourse this is not an intended activity.

Also another bug I have not yet found a solution to which is the robot freezing and it only continues to work again if i log into the VM. it automatically starts working again without any input from my machine.

please note that this never happens in the test environment and I’m not able to replicate any of these issues in test environment.


Are you using those combinations keys in project anywhere? If yes then may be we have to target them to a specific ui elemnet to avoid it…and yes bot might get stuck in that scenario as the screen would be different than expected

The second one is there any specific location this is happening or is there any pattern of when it is occuring?


Sorry for being late to reply, but I’m not using any keys except one place which is once every loop run.

but it doesn’t contain (WINDOWS KEY or TAB KEY)