Robot/Orchestrator issues (slow start to pending jobs)

Can anyone shed light on issues I am having with orchestrator/HD Robot?
When I send a job from Orchestrator, it takes ~30 seconds to start and the Orchestrator Windows event log shows a ‘robot does not exist’ message (the robot does eventually run the job).
I tried to remove the robot from orchestrator to add it again but Orchestrator has a red error message pop up (no details on it) and will not let me.

Environment: Windows server 2012
Version: 2018.4.3

Hi @rlatta

Have you mapped the robot with orchestrator based on key along with url

Then is the robot available in the robot

Have you mapped with the process along with the environment


I have joined the machine to orchestrator and the robot account with orchestrator. They do eventually talk to one another but there are errors first