Robot isn't running as I scheduled on Orchestrator- Community Edition

Any chance that run coincided with the latest outage?

Is the issue still persisting for you?

Thanks for the response. Doesn’t look like its related to the outage:

  1. The trigger’s set to run @4:15 AM EST (nowhere close to the outage timeframe)
  2. It’s not even Orchestrator Enterprise

I just scheduled it to run in a minute and it worked fine now.

I wonder what happened with the morning job and why nothing about it showed up in the log! Thankfully, it wasn’t mission critical and I just jumped in on time to manually trigger the job.

Can this be investigated please? We look to host some very important jobs on the enterprise, in the days to come. An issue of this sort will be an RPA disaster! Thanks.

Just to clarify, are you currently using an Enterprise license of our products? If so, I would suggest contacting our technical support directly for better way to track the issue:

Will do. Thanks.