Scheduled job executing at wrong time from orchestrator Community edition

Hi all,

I have scheduled a job to run at 10.20 AM every day at Kuwait, Riyadh timezone.
It used to work correctly but today it ran at 4.00 PM with source as as a scheduled run.

All my other schedules are working correctly.


Hi @athiram,

May be other process still running, so it will be in queue, once complete previous process its started i hope.

Arivu :slight_smile:

Hi @arivu96,

The robot was free during that time as i have no other jobs scheduled.

Hi @athiram,

Its your time right ? your timezone?

Arivu :slight_smile:


Yea. My time zone is Kuwait-riyadh time(Arabian Standard Time).


@athiram, can you check your scheduler time zone, because Orchestrator will start correctly.

Arivu :slight_smile:

@arivu96 Orchestrator timezone and the the scheduled time zone is Kuwait-Riyadh time(Arabian Standard Time). This scheduled job used to run correctly till yesterday.

I tried scheduling a test job. That is also not working!

Is the scheduling job function working for you now? I had this same problem 2 days ago. I ended up not doing anything and the next morning it seemed to run fine. My guess is there was a bug that they patched up somewhere… idk

Same happened! Next day everything was back to normal.

This happened again today. Is there any solution for this?? Iam unable to disable or remove the job now.

Yes, had this same issue 2 months back and today as well, my tasks runs at 11 am every day but today it ran at 3pm while showing 11 am in the Job details so I am guessing every once in a while (once in a 100) it looses the time zone and uses the default


Maybe if someone has more information, please let me know!

this issue is still going on.

Hi All,

There are few performance issues with the server and the team is trying to permanently resolve the platform behaviour.

Refer the below post

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