Jobs in Orchestrator doesn't run like schedules are sets

Hello! I have an issue with schedules in orchestrator. I have 2 different processes that are running on the same robot. until one week ago, everything works fine, but now the jobs are not running when they are supposed to run. One of the processes must run every morning at 9:30 and the other must run everyday, at 5 minutes past the hour, between 7:00 am to 6:00 pm( using cron expression 0 5 7-18 ? * * *).

For example, the process that should run every hour, at 5 minutes past the hour, it started it’s execution today at 7:05, 8:05, 9:27, 10:37, 11:54 and the other process started at 9:54(and it should started at 9:30)

Anyone knows why this is happened and how to fix it?

Hi @Tro

Is this your own own installation of Orchestrator or the Community CE evaluation platform?

I believe the platform had some performance struggles that could have caused this.

hello! I’m using the platform

Hi @Tro

I think it would be due to some performance issues that will be soon mitigated.

It can be that it is unreliable at times due to updates/maintenance, and this is partially why the free Orchestrator CE is available for evaluation-only and is not dedicated to running actual production processes license-wise.