Robot is not showing on job page

Hello, i have publish a process from studio to orchestrator.
While starting the job, i am not able to see the available robots which can perform task


Hi Rajat,

What is the Version of Orchestrator you are using ? Is there free robots available in the orchestrator to take up this job?

Prabu T

Hi, I am using UIPath 2020 community version.
How to check for the free robots available in orchestrator to take up job!!
I have connected the robot , see

Your robot cant be of type studio for this…

then which type of robot i should make?
and why studio robot is not working here in my scenario?

Hi @rajat_dhammi,

Please use unattended type it will show.

Omkar P

Hi @Reddy_Paluri
while creating new unattended robot , i am getting below error

Please delete mechine and environment robot.create
again.I faced with same and resolve.
[Robot not showing up in Jobs, works fine form Robot Tray]

please help me

Yeah!! Thanks, now its working.
Someone has wrote that, in new update of orchestrator, we have to use unattended robot , studio robot, which we use earlier will now not support.

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