Robot is harming excel file (We found a problem with some content in file.xlsm)

Hello everyone,

I have a file that is damaged every time some excel activities are performed on it.
The file is downloaded from SharePoint, after that, Write, Delete and Update excel activities are performed.
Once the process is done, the file is always damaged:

The problem with this is that any further action can’t be performed since the damaged file can’t be opened in Excel Scope activity.

Did anyone have the same situation and how did you fix it?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @bp777 ,
Try this
1.Open Excel
2. Click File> Option
3. In pop windows, Click trust center>Trusted Location
4.Click Add New Location and add you project loaction.
5.Now again run you process , lets me know the error occur again or not

Happy Automation

Gokul Jai

Interesting, but which location should I add?
I am asking because the file is on the Production server which I don’t have access to.

@bp777 , Then add elemnt exist, If the excel pop message occurs, bot should click the “Yes” Option

@bp777 , Try this activity

Unfortunately I am not able to use extern activities :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

@bp777 , Then try this if possible.