Copy of excel file is created while robot is trying to open the original one

Hello all,

I have a strange issue while trying to open an Excel file using Excel activity.
As soon as the robot gets into Excel scope activity, a new copy of the file is created:

The copy of the file is totally blank - there are no columns as well and that is causing the problem since the bot needs to read specific columns and perform actions on them.

Has anyone had similar issue?
Thanks in advance!

normally when you open the excel this file forms. try manually

You can try toggling the visible option from scope

Dont worry after closing the file that ~ is file disappiers.

Edited- open using workbook activities



That’s the temporary file, so don’t worry on that

As you have enabled the Files to see hidden in the windows properties that’s why you are able to see that file

Else it will not appear

Hope this may help you


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