Robot get's lost on web Page

Im trying to download some files from a banking page, so that then the information can be processed later, now, the problem is that the Robot get’s lost on the web page.

In the picture I attached, you will find a table that the robot is supposed to navigate to download the files. I first tried to click on the magnifying glass on col 6, however, it is very inconsistent and may click other things on the website.

I later tried to click on the cell itself, and then to send the key command Tab, and then a Shift + F10, however, the same thing will happen, it won’t click on the right place


This is currently what my selector for the click has:

StringClickDerecho is the variable I use to indicate in which row the robot show make click.

Is there any other way I could try to do this? Thanks in advance

Hi there @Eduardo_Garcia,
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Unfortunately, it looks like the Selector provided is missing.

If you are able to determine the Table Row Index for the line you need, you may be able to leverage that as the parent in the Selector for the click on the magnifying glass - That should be fairly reliable.

Thanks in advance for your support,

Sorry, my mistake, here is the selector, I’ll edit my post:

webctrl id=‘ifrmameContent’ tag=‘IFRAME’
webctrl css-selector=‘body>table>tbody>tr>td>table’ tag=‘TABLE’
webctrl tableCol=‘6’ TableRow=’{{StringClickDerecho}}’ tag=‘TD’

Hi @Eduardo_Garcia ,

Is it Possible to Indicate the Element in UiExplorer and provide us the Screenshot of it, So that we may be able to identify the stable elements and use it to Check if we are able to perform the right Click on the Element desired.

Hi there @Eduardo_Garcia,
Excellent, thanks for providing this.

Interesting, so your selector is for the entire table-cell.
Out of curiosity, when it is inconsistent, is it clicking near to the required magnifying glass, or just anywhere on screen?

As flagged by @supermanPunch above, it would be great to get it spied within UiExplorer, so we can see some of the available attributes.

Thanks once again for your support,

Hi, when it is inconsistent, it may send the click anywhere on the screen, there is no specific place.
Here is what my UiExplirer currently has
Thanks for your help!