Robot exe via cmd

Robot exe works fine via cmd when workflow file name and argument does not have space in it.
But fails when workflow file name/argument OR robot exe path has space In it.
Pls suggest solution for same.

Can you please share a screenshot?

Hi @ccma

As per good practises, we should have workflow file names without spaces. In case you really need to have a space, please use “_” for that. Having spaces could result in such situations as per my knowledge. Additionally this also applies to variable naming and argument naming.

Please remove the spaces and try again.

Let know how it works out for you

Thanks for revert.
Will correct my statement, workflow folder path has space in it. Workflow file name is as per mentioned above practices.
three parameters required for cmd launch :

  1. Robot exe path :
    System with uipath licenses has folder location for robot.exe in C:\Program files (x86) \Uipath\Studio\uirobot.exe folder, which has space and can’t be modified.
    Pls suggest on same.
  2. Workflow file name with path. Can be managed
  3. Arguments : even this has space in it

Please suggest on solution for above.

The robot exe file path is not a problem. It can have spaces. Dont worry about it…

In my solutions, i usually make sure the solution file path does not contain spaces. Thats all i do and it works fine.

So try removing the spaces in your workflow file path (even in parent folders) and see how it goes… it should work…

Let me know how it goes

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I´m also having this problem.
When I run the robot from cmd, somo arguments in my input have values with spaces.
-input {‘id’:183063,‘person_type’:‘fisica’,‘name’:‘PEREZ CARLOS ALBERTO’}
The spaces between each name are not accepted. If I replace the spaces like this:
-input {‘id’:183063,‘person_type’:‘fisica’,‘name’:‘PEREZCARLOSALBERTO’} it works, but that is not the idea for the name.
Could you please help me here?