Robot, connected to Orchestrator (community edition), does not send error logs in Orchestrator

I’ve got a problem using Orchestrator Community edition with my scheduled robot.
While running, robot had an error, which is appeared in logs in uipath, but in my orchestrator it doesn’t showed up in any way, it just showed a success panel.
I need to show the logged message with error in in orchestrator to track issues in my robot remotely.

Hi @Andrey_Voinalovich

Could you be more specific as to the type of error and the surrounding context? Normally Orchestrator logs all exceptions (all logs, actually) for processes that were scheduled.

Without knowing more, I would suggest checking that in that UiPath Robot application and in Orchestrator.

  • Robot logging has not been set to off


  • Logging level settings of the Robot in Orchestrator

  • your filters in the Orchestrator