Robot can select the correct word

i need help please i am trying to type into the field “Langue(e)” the language corresponding :
for exemple when i type Dari it dont select Dari but all languages containing Dari.
like this

The language is stocked in a variable and i want to click the right language corresponding to the variable.

thank you for your help

Hi @ndeye_fatou_Diouf ,

i think you are going in correct direction. FIrst type into is correct for the second activity click you have to make it as dynamic selector and assign your language name in aaname or some attribute so it will click the correct language. thanks.

Hi @ndeye_fatou_Diouf !

If you try to type into " Dari" it might work :wink: (with the space before the word)

Thank you All
@Hiba_B merci beaucoup ça fonctionne.

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Thank you for you answers

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