Robot Avaliable but Unable to find in JOBS

Robot is avaliable but unable to find it in Jobs,can anyone guide.


Because you didn’t specify any environment for this BOT.

Go to Environments page and add environment for that BOT and then try once.

In this image

Under Environment field we don’t have any value
That is the robot is provisioned under any environment
Usually when we catered a process we will be mentioning a environment so that while running that process as a job we can choose any robot under environment tagged

So go to the environment and click on manage option sim the right side corner
And add that robot to it so that it will get listed when we run a job

Cheers @msalesforce777

Still im not able to find any robot,please guide

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You were almost done
Change the robot type to unattended in the robot tab buddy
The reason is we won’t be able to see or run a attended type of robot from Orchestrator
They can be only monitored from orchestrator
Cheers @msalesforce777

Were we able to run that process now
Cheers @msalesforce777

yes,it works,Thanks alot

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