Orchestrator-job, couldn't find the robot

I am the first time to set up Orchestrator。

  1. set up the machines.
  2. set up robots and check the status is available.
  3. set up Emvironments
  4. add a new processes
    when I start a JOBS, I couldn’t find the robots.
    then I check the robots in monitering, the status is available.
    why I couldn’t find robots in JOBS.


Have you added the robot to the environment you created?

Also is the robot provisioned as Unattended?


Thanks, When I change to unattended, it can find the robots, do you know what is the difference about studio, attend and unattend?

Apparently an update was issued not long time ago, in which you can only trigger Jobs if the robot was provisioned as unattended.

I was facing the same problem yesterday, and many people will also face it

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