Robot architecture with reframework

Hello !

I want to know your opinion regarding an architecture:
I have a process with 2 parts :

  • 1: that needs to navigate in an application, for each list within that application download an excel file and
  • 2: each row to be processed in another application.
    This process must be done in a loop, meaning I can’t download all the excel at once, and after each download I have to process in the other application.

I usually use REFramework, but in this case, I don’t know what the best approach is.

I appreciate any opinion. Thank you very much !

@DragosPadurariu Your workflow should be like:

  1. In Get Transaction Data => Navigate to application and download an excel file and keep it in list variable If not using queue => In Each iteration add the downloaded file into list/queue
  2. In Process.xaml => Iterate over downloaded Excel data

Note: Change TransactionItem Variable type into String

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