Revised Topic: How to extract data from google spreadsheet (I'm still learning)

Hello Good day I hope everyone well,

I’m new in learning RPA using uipath and I want to create my first project.

My goal is I want to extract data from “shared” google spreadsheet under my Name only and save it to excel. I’m confused is how it that possible since the google spreadsheet is only shared to me

I tried to start with data scraping tool but it said “this control does not support data extraction”.

Thank you so much

Did we try with this activity

Cheers @jparedes

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Hi @Palaniyappan thanks on this I will try this one is this applicable for spread sheet that is only shared, my goal is to extract all data under that shared spreadsheet and save to excel.

Yes we can do it manually just download the spreadsheet file under xls format and filter under my name but my idea is the robot will extract directly from shared spreadsheet.

thank you

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Yah it would
Kindly let know for any queries or clarification

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