"Reverse engineer" process published in orchestrator from studio

I have Orchestrator running, and I have published a few processes.

I am wondering now, can these processes be reversed engineered using Ui Path Studio?

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If you run the automation from orcherstrator you will be able to find the unziped code located on the machine the robot ran on.

Location would be : C:\Users[ROBOT ACCOUNT].nuget\packages[NAME OF PACKAGE]\ [VERSION NUMBER]\lib\net45

Full example : C:\Users\robot\ .nuget\packages\Card_Recon\\lib\net45

You can then copy the files out of this directory and open them. if you try to open in the directory you found them you will typically receive an error.

@aimealvarado Else you could go into Orchestrator, Process, then Packages and download the one(s) you need.

This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

This is also a solution but I can only mark one as solution, thank you!

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