Snippet maintenance - create/update

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I consider snippets powerful and time savers. It could contain repeating building blocks handy available.

Unfortunately current implementation of snippet maintenance is odd - there is no support in Studio so the only way is to prepare the snippet as workflow under existing project and then move it to appropriate folder. In such case the snippet (workflow) will carry all the dependencies of parent project.

Would it be possible to integrate snippet management into Studio?



Check this, maybe publishing your snippets as uipath libraries could help. You can even share it through orchestrator.


Thx for reply.

I know about Libraries. But it is rather replacement of custom activities, i.e. building block that performs defined action. While Snippet I consider as a template/skeleton which might be further modified - like the “For Each File” snipped.


@Florent_Salendres you were asking on a different thread for workflow templates. What do you think about @J0ska idea of revamping Snippets section?

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Hi @MirceaGrigore

Snippet and template are two different concept aslo Visual studio so I would be rather keen of keeping them separated, which are both good productivity increase tools if used wisely, using different approach!

Snippet are meant for small adding in a workflow (no file) and template for starting / adding a new file(s) to a project.



Hi @J0ska

Studio has a Snippet panel which allows you to add custom folders. These do not have to be (and probably shouldn’t) part of your project.

Please feel free to elaborate. I will mark it as Completed until then :slight_smile:

Hi @loginerror,
My point is about no support for creating/editing snippets from Studio.

Suggested enhancements:
1/ Extract as Snippet - similar to Extract as Workflow
2/ Edit snippet - allow edit existing snippet, currently it is only possible Open in read only mode


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Thanks, that is nice and clear now :slight_smile: