Return file name for files within Google Drive folder

Hi all,

I’m able to find a folder ID and return the names of folders within this folder ID, but it doesn’t return other files in this folder, only sub-folders.

How would I go about returning all file names.

I use a Find files and folders activity to return the folder ID to the ToUploadFolderFileList variable. Then I use the assign below to return list of files within the folder ID, but at the moment it only returns other folder.

ToUploadFileList = String.Join(“,”,ToUploadFolderFileList.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(s) s.MimeType.Contains(“application/”)).Select(Function(a) a.Name))

Any help is appreciated,

HI @Shane_Curran

Check out this tutorial


Hi @Shane_Curran

The expression used will return only the folders try the below to get the files

String.Join(“,”,ToUploadFolderFileList.AsEnumerable().Where(Function(s) Not s.MimeType.Contains(“application/”)).Select(Function(a) a.Name))


Great, works perfectly! Thanks!

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