Download all files from the google drive folder

I have to download all the files located in a google drive folder, I have the folder ID. Can anybody suggest to me how to do this? Thank you in advance

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Hi @Sandhya_Mora

Kindly refer the below link

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Hello @Sandhya_Mora

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If you know the ID of the files then you can use the Download file activity to achieve this. If you have a folder get all the ID from the folder and pass it to download file activity.

How do I get all the file ID’s from a folder?

@Sandhya_Mora You can use Find files and folders activity. It will return the list of files.

I have used find files and folders to get the IDs of the files. I have attached the screenshot of the query I used to get this but it’s not working and it says invalid value(400) error

Can you try to print it in a message box and validate the expression which you have used.

Also try without giving any expression and check you are getting all the ID’s.

not getting all the IDs, only the details of the file name which is given i.e “name contains ‘file name’” is coming to the result. I tried the message box to get other file names, it gives index was outside the bounds of the array

Click on the three horizontal dots at the upper-right of the page. Select “Download” from the drop-down menu. Google Drive will compress the files into a ZIP folder. Wait for the contents of your Google Drive to download completely.