How can I resume download if download failed?

Hello ! This is my first UiPath project,i am a beginner. I have made an automation that converts youtube links to mp3s through an online converter. However,sometimes the download fails and I need to click on the bottom arrow and resume the download. How can I make the sequence see that the download did not complete and resume it ? I am using Google Chrome. Thanks :slight_smile:

I should have also stated that the files get their names from the online converter,there is no point in the automation proccess where they get named.

Hi @Nostradamon1,

Can you try to use the Retry Scope activity to solve your problem?

You can retry if it fails during the download process.

Retry Scope (


HI,thanks for the answer. This seems to be a nice solution,but I didn’t really manage to understand how the retry scope works or how I can use it.


You can simple check in the download worked correcly, if not have 2 options, make a validation that check the state (you can use an element exist, image exist, etc) the other is to add a try catch activity, inside try you should drag your normal download secuence, if its fails, then in the catch you will retry you download.