Retry Scope useful


I am clicking Upload button after there is possibility that either of 2 window appears. If upload is successful then successful window appear and then I have to click on Ok.
If Failure window appears then I have to click on OK option and go ahead. How to use retry scope for same.

You can put 2 activities in the Actions block of the retry scope. The first will click OK on the failure window, but be set to continue on error, and the second. The next will click the upload button.

In the Condition block, add an Element Exists activity for the window for success. After the Retry Scope activity, have the process click OK at this window.

Thank You!!!

My Flow is -

Retry Scope

Action Flow - It is having failure window check and click on OK. (Continue on error is true)
Condition Flow - having element exist check for successful window.

Here if failure window appears then it should come out of retry scope but it is not coming. Please advice

Oh, I thought if it failed that you would want to try again. In that case, I recommend not using the retry scope for this.

Instead, perform the activity you use to uplload, then after that, ad a Parallel activity. Inside the Parallel activity, add 2 click activities (one for the failure window, and one for success). Set the activities to continue on error. This will ensure that the window is closed.

Keep in mind that by default, you will have to wait for the opposite activity to complete, so this will take the duration of the timeout period for the Click activity to complete. You can shorten the timeout period to speed this up.