Retry Scope for Timeout Error

Hi! I am considering on using a retry scope for my HTTP Request. I have severl HTTP Post request in my workflow, and sometimes my PC slows down thus, timing out the HTTP Post(I think?). I want to retry the HTTP Request activity if it ever happened to timeout again. How to I set up the condition for it? Thank you.

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Hope the below steps helps you resolve this

—use a assign activity like this

bool_response = True

Where bool_response is a variable of type Boolean

—now use a WHILE LOOP activity where mention the condition as

bool_response = TRUE

—now this condition is currently true so it will enter the loop

—inside the loop use a HTTP REQUEST activity and in that activity get the output of StatusCode which is of integer type named int_code

If your http request is successful then it will return 200 as output

So In that case once after http request inside the while loop use a IF activity with condition like this


If true it will go to Then Part where use a assign activity like this

bool_response = FALSE

at one point if the above Boolean gets false it will get out of while loop and proceeds further

Cheers @Shinjid

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Thank you! This worked for me.

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