Retry Scope activity strange behaviour


I’ve been using the “Retry scope” activity since long, but I am facing some strange behaviors since 2 days.
My bot doesnt go into the retry scope it directly throws exception “action failed to execute as expected”.

Did anyone of you faced same issue , Any solutions or suggestions will be appreciated.

Hi there @AKhristi

Can you elaborate on what you are doing and post some screen grabs or your workflow to further see what might be the issue…


Actually I’ve placed an open browser activity in a retry scope activity so that if the URL doesn’t load properly it will retry for 3 times.
But some how when i try to run the sequence, the bot doesn’t enter into the retry scope and open browser, it directly throws an exception when it reaches at the retry activity and say “Action failed to execute as expected.”

Hope this might help you understand the problem.

@AKhristi Can you place a log inside Retry scope to see whether it is working correctly/

I understand that Open browser is not happening while you are retrying it. I just loaded a chrome tab with a website and retry scope works fine for me, so I am unable to reproduce the error. If you can share your workflow I can take a look at it / try to get it to throw the error you are mentioning.