Retry queueitem tomorrow

Hello all

I’m having problems designing a workflow that on specific occasions retries a queueitem “tomorrow” (or “not in this run, but next run”), but if it still fails tomorrow, it is not postponed but fails instread

Currently I’m achieving this using postpone and queueitem.retryno
if retryno = 0
then postpone item
else fail item
(i’m aware this creates issues when the process fails and retrys for another reason, but I have handled that another way, and is not part of this question)

Now we are in progress of upgrading our UiPath environment from 2017 to 2018, and read in the release notes that postpone increasing retryno is apparently a bug that is now fixed.

My question is how I’m supposed to replicate this “bug” in 2018?

Example process:
I have this process that run once pr day where a user have to go into an application and setup something manually, before the robot can take over.
So the workflow is designed so that i checks if the user have done what they are supposed to, and if they haven’t it sends an email to the user, and postpone the queue item 16 hours (so it runs again tomorrow).
As this process is time critical, I only want to alert the user once, so if the item fails again tomorrow, it will not postpone, but instead fail it (with email to user saying he’s a fool for not doing his job!).

How do i make sure this item gets run today, if fails today run tomorrow, if fails tomorrow fails and not run day after tomorrow

Any help, comments or ideas will be appreciated :slight_smile:

I guess an idea would be to implement my own retryno on a queue item, and count it up and make a new queueitem, but then i will lose the history of the queueitem as they are now 2 seperate items

Noone have good ideas on this?

On day 1, can you use Set Transaction Progress to write a text string like “Warning email sent” as the current progress value, then postpone the QueueItem.

Then the next day, interrogate the item’s progress value to see whether it contains your “Warning email sent” text, and if so, Set Transaction Status to fail it?