Retry/Parallel activity limit?

I have a process in REFramework where when processing orders, 5 different message windows can popup prior to processing being completed - 4 errors and 1 process complete (all have the same selectors until you get to the message level). I was originally able to handle the first 3 errors + 1 process complete window via Retry blocks in a Parallel activity. Recently a new error popup was encountered requiring an additional activity to handle. Once I did this, the parallel activity completely stopped working despite the selectors indicating it recognized the windows, and the Retry maximum time/retries not being hit.

I then decided to try moving it from Parallels to a single Retry block with multiple If’s looking for the Element Exists booleans. This still did not work. I decided to comment out all but one of the Ifs to see if the root cause was something else, but the error handling worked exactly as expected.

Any ideas why that would happen, or suggestions to eliminate the issue?

As an update - when testing today the process as usual failed to handle 7 pop ups while processing ~100 orders. We manually declined each popup to troubleshoot after. We reran the process, and UiPath correctly handled all 7 popups without any changes to the workflow.

Consistently inconsistent, just the way you want it!

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If anyone ever runs into this issue, mine was ultimately solved building off the attached xaml.

TestPopopup.xaml (16.2 KB)

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