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Hi all,
i’ve a question, i’m using the REFramework in my robot and i need to process some orders(rows) inside a table, i have 10 sections(different) and all are inside process state.
I need to perform the same operations in the same app for 15 different rooms. So 10 sections for room1, 10 sections for room2 and so on.

So, in get transaction, our transaction item is my room number, and transaction number the run i’m processing (so in this case retry mechanism works at process level, retry 3 times the operations for the same room, then goes to the next room.

My question is: for changing room i need to log out application and log on, and put it before the login page the room at which i want to connect.
So, how can i manage that? Considering that: App login is in my INIT STATE and perform this only at the beginning, and my ROOM NUMBER is stored in an array inside get transaction.

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Since logging in varies from transaction to transaction, login should be part of your Process state in this case. The Init state should only navigate to the page where login should begin.

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Ok, thanks.
My question now is: in this case, if there is an error on app login in process, having the retry mechanism of reframework active, it run for 3 times every 15 rooms. How can i manage that?

If there are places where you expect an error may occur (such as bad user-input data), you could force a business exception and skip the transaction. Just make sure you log that the transaction was skipped so you can manage it manually. The retry mechanism of the REFramework is to attempt the transaction again in the event of anomalies, like sudden system latency.

If it would be harmful for your process to run all steps of the transaction again, set the Retry count to 0 to ensure that the data is not entered more than once.

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Thanks again.
I don’t use orchestrator but the retry mechanism of reframework with transaction item = string.
But if i force a business exception in app login invoke (in process) i’m not able to skip the transaction, or anyway, i still can’t process other rooms because app is not opened.

And i don’t understand very well how i can set 0 to retry count? it is not recommended to implement retry mechanism to avoid error and eventually try to restart?

If you throw a business exception, the process will get the next transaction item. It will not go back to the Init state. In Orchestrator, when you create the queue, turn off the auto-retry function of the queue. This will make it so that the queue item will only be processed once.

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don’t use the queues during the process, Transaction item = string and max retry number on config = 3

In that case, just set the max retry number to 0. This will emulate the behavior of turning auto-retry off in Orchestrator.

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Yes, but i think is important to do the retry in case of process error

Ok bussiness expection, when it’s system expection occured in process transcation state means what exactly they do and what we do for that???

Hi @siva_sankar

What is ur exact issue

Can u explain more?

Bro I have excel data 15 rows I could doing now first 5 rows after I have some system expection errors so now what bot will do after that error it will go for the 7th one or otherwise what we will do for that???

Hi @siva_sankar

If system exception occurs,

  1. In case of queues system, if the system exception occurs at 5th row, then it will continue from 6th row and will retry failed queue item at last

  2. In case of datatable, if system exception occurs at 5th row, it will retry the 5th row until the max attempts reached out

And then after that it will continue from 6th row

Hope it helps


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