How can I trust the Send Exchange Mail activity?

Dear friends! :raising_hand_man:
I am using the activity Send Exchange Mail Message. Very often it stops working. I replace the activity, and it works for a while, and then it stops. I replace the activity again, and some days later, it stops working again.

How can I ensure that sending mail is reliably?

I have no other option than to use Exchange Mail (Company policy).
I’ve tried diffent ExchangeVersions. Seems like the Exchange2007_SP1 is the best for my usage. I’ve tried using delay to slow things down.
Also tried different packages, and the one that’s installed now is what works the best, it seems (picture at the bottom of this post).

I have other places in the process that also sends mail (Send Exchange Mail Message). This works fine. But now and again, also them are stopping. But not on the same day. So even if one activity works, another activity is not :cry:


  • TryCatch will not discover that the mail is not sent
  • Is there another solution? How about using queue? (How?)
  • Any further tips? (YouTube videos that covers the topic?)



Try using retry scope with some delay…so that it retries the activity if failed

Also name is not mandatory when you give the from field already

Autodiscover as well might not be mandatory attribute

And if you say mail is not throwing error also…then may be after sending email…you can do a get on sent items and check if the mail is sent or not and retry accordingly as well


Hey @bjorn2390

Is the activity throwing an exception? If it is, I’d agree with @Anil_G here - retry scope could help if there’s a network blip or something temporarily causing the issue.

If it’s succeeding but not actually send the mail, are you able to get one of your Exchange admins to have a look - is the request even hitting the Exchange server?

You could use a queue as your suggest, but ideally you want to find the root cause here, as you may find yourself in the same situation.