Retrieving and filtering information from email subject and comparing it to data in excel file

I have been trying to find a solution for a problem I have with the following process:
I am trying to filter emails for the three digit ID, which is always to be found between the same keywords. Email always looks similar to this:

The three digit code in this case is G25, but it could be any of the other 130 IDs (There are althogether around 130 different IDs, and depending on the ID the email needs to be forwarded to another clerk) The position of the ID is always the same, always between "Summary: " and " - ".
Then I want to compare this ID to the following excel list:

I’m not sure if it is the best way to filter the email header like this:

and then paste it in the existing excel file to filter it, according to the ID, like this:

but here I always get the error message, that I cannot filter the table for an IEnumerable

Unfortunately I don’t have any programming knowledge, which is why I’m having trouble understanding some of the advice in the forum and applying it to my situation…

I’m greatful for any help!

Regards J.Rehmann

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Hi there @J.Rehmann,
As demonstrated in the following component, you can simply assign the ‘IEnumberable’ variable to a string post extraction.

This value should then function appropriately for the Excel Activities you require.

Main.xaml (10.9 KB)

@Mr_JDavey Thank you so much! It works with all the emails! :smiley: -happydance-

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