Automating forwarding of emails

I’m automating e-mail processing and I’ve come across a couple things I can’t seem to find the solution to:
I want to retrieve information from the e-mail subject (a three digit code that determines which clerk is responsible for the processing of this email) and compare it to an excel table, where the code is assigned to the specific clerk.
→ Unfortunately I don’t know how to extract the subject data.
→ Concerning the comparison, should I use the “matches” or “compare” transaction?

Then I want to forward the e-mail to the respective clerk.
→ Would it work to filter the table and copy the text in the adjacent column?


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So I’ve been trying to create a data table from the subject of my emails in the following example: Main.xaml (17.1 KB)

unfortunately I’m always shown the following warning, hen I try to run the process:

And I’m not able to find the error source myself…
would be greatful for any help, thanks!


You have not configured your receive notification activity, I’m not exactly sure why it is used. Experts might have knowledge about it.


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Thanks for your help!:heart_eyes: it works now. I deleted the “receive notification” activity.
For some reason I thought it was necessary, but the message box pops up, so I guess I was wrong :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:

I have another question concerning this process:

I want to:

  1. extract the subject of each email in a certain email folder (morespecifically I want to extract a certain pasrt of the email subject, i.e. onlly the 3 digit code between the words ‘Summary: ’ and ’ -’)
  2. compare this three digit code to a list of codes from a data table
  3. if there is a match → copy the email adress, that belongs to the three digit code
  4. forward the email to this person.

I tried doing this with the “matches” activity.

Is this the best way to do it?
I’m very sorry for these very basic questions, but I’m very new to uipath and have no programming experience unfortunately…

Main.xaml (21.2 KB)